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Article Do you offer shopping carts?
Yes, we had pre-installed OSCommerce, Cube Cart and Zend Cart. To install please logon to Cpanel...
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Article 30 days money back guarantee
We offer unconditional 30 day money back on all web hosting plans except dedicated servers and...
Views: 1957
Article Do you have any free trial period?
Unfortunately we do not have trial periods but you can order a package you like and if you do...
Views: 2044
Article Do you offer any Website Builder?
Yes, we offer RVSite Builder but Lite version on Minimum Linux and Pro Version on Entrepreneur...
Views: 2119
Article Do you support Frontpage?
Yes, we do support Frontpage.
Views: 1892
Article Explanation & Solution to <iframe> and Java Script Hack
How does this hacking takes place:This hacking does not takes place by any PHP application...
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Article Hardware problem with servers
Hardware problems can come about at any time. We try our best to fix the issues at hand when...
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Article How can I test the upload speed?
The only way to test the upload speed is to order a hosting package that meets your requirements...
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Article How can i upgrade my package?
Yes you can. If you have paid any months in advance then we will credit these remaining...
Views: 1851
Article How to enable SMTP Authentication
Having SMTP Authentication in place on your mail server has a number of benefits. SMTP...
Views: 3488
Article How to make payment?
To make a payment via Credit Card, please click here and for our reference please fill in your...
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Article How to print screen pay slip?
To make Print Screen work, you must save an image of what's displayed on-screen to the clipboard...
Views: 3212
Article Setup Email on Ipad
Tap on "Settings"Tap "Main, Contacts, Calendars"Tap "Add Account"Tap "Other""Add Mail...
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Article What domain extensions can you host?
We can host any domain extension as long as the domain registrar allows you to change the DNS.
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Article Who will own the domain name?
Clients will own the domain name and can move their domain names with them should they decide to...
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